Plastic Bonding

Plastic Bonding

Applied Engineering Solutions Corporation will support you in your plastic bonding assembly.

We will qualify your application and specify the best process and technology based on your production requirements, part complexity and resin material.

In addition we will provide you with the necessary guidelines to implement a joint design if required.

Ultrasonic Bonding

Applied Engineering Solutions will manufacture a highest quality horn and nest for your application. 15Khz, 20Khz, 30khz , 40khz, and 70khz. To be installed on any ultrasonic welder manufactured by Branson, Dukane, Herman or any well recognized brand.

AES will install the tooling for you at your facility and will help you to implement the optimum set up on your ultrasonic welder by time, by distance, by absolute distance or by energy depending on your application. We will work with you until you are totally satisfied with the results.

In addition, if a leak test is required, Applied Engineering Solutions will design and manufacture your leak test system. A leak test system that meets your production requirements and your leak test spec. Implementing the best technology for your application and in compliance with OSHA and FDA regulations.

RF Welding

Applied Engineering Solutions can help you to implement a quality RF welding system for your application, including single RF cycle, Dual RF cycle, stand alone system, systems with shuttle either front shuttle or side to side shuttles or a sophisticated PLC Controlled Systems with Turntable, Hot stamping and Leak test all included. Preowned or brand new. Our tooling experience includes design and manufacture of upper dies, bottom dies, die cutting dies, for medical applications, packaging applications or automotive applications.

Hot Plate Welding

Applied Engineering Solutions will support you with your hot plate welding application, implementing a quality system in your facility with state of the art tooling and control systems. If a leak test system is required after the weld we can design it for you and meet your leak test requirements.

Vibration Welding

Applied Engineering Solutions designs and manufactures quality vibration welding tooling. We have systems installed welding from blood oxigenators to Automotive speaker enclosures.