Leak Test Instruments

Play a crucial role in advanced Aerospace applications, facilitating meticulous data collection.

Our state-of-the-art instruments ensure real-time test results, instantly broadcasting the data directly to your server. This comprehensive data includes essential details such as:

Product name
Serial number
Operator name
Test parameters
Test results
Precise time and date

To further enhance efficiency, our servers are configured with a robust database management system, allowing you to access the test results anytime in real time.

Our instruments play a crucial role in daily testing across diverse applications. Some of these include:

Aerospace Connectors

Testing connectors used in aerospace applications, ensuring reliable and secure connections in critical systems.

Components for Aerospace Military Jets

Verifying the performance and quality of components used in military jets, guaranteeing operational excellence.

Ejection Systems for Military Jets

Testing ejection systems to ensure swift and safe pilot ejections during emergency situations.

Cartridges for Missile Systems

Validation of cartridges in missile systems, ensuring their precision and effectiveness.


Testing G-suits used by pilots to counteract the effects of high G-forces during flight maneuvers.

Chemical Weapons Systems

Critical testing of chemical weapons systems to ensure their proper functioning and safety.

Safety Masks

Testing safety masks used by pilots and military personnel, assuring their reliability and protection.

Fuel Hoses for Military Planes

Evaluating the performance and integrity of fuel hoses for military aircraft, ensuring secure fuel transfer.

By utilizing the AES Leak Test Instruments, you can be confident in obtaining accurate and reliable data for your Aerospace applications.