Hydraulic Pressure and Burst Tester

Evolution 2.0

Hydraulic Pressure and Burst Tester for Medical Balloon Catheters

Pressure and Burst Testers for Medical Balloons and Catheters, and their associated components.

Our Testers are available in two different models. One choice is with a NEMA 4 Safe Stainless Steel Enclosure, or you can also choose a Bench Top (Compact) unit.

Both of these two models are designed for either a non- destructive (or destructive leak test, or also for the burst testing of medical balloons catheters, and/or the associated components for any of these products.

Easy to drive menus, Full Color TFT 6" Touch Screen for easy programming.

Electronic flow control

Barcode reader to select the desired test program. 100 programs.

The New Hydraulic Burst Tester from AES, Inc. has data storage via SD /USB Memory cards.

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